Boat Dealers: Dry Land, Wet Water, And The Better Option For Viewing And Purchasing

Boat dealer services come in two varieties. There is the dry land boat dealer and the wet water boat dealer. Here is how these boat dealers operate and why you might prefer one over the other.

Boat Dealers on Land

​Boat dealers on land have dozens of boats on display on their lots. The boats are all on their own trailers, but that does not mean you have to purchase the trailer if you already have one. To get in and on most of the boats, you have to use a ladder to climb up and get into the boats. You may spend several hours examining the insides and outsides of boats before you find one you like. In the meantime, you should make sure that you have enough stamina to be doing all of that climbing all day. Additionally, you cannot tell how the boat handles in the water because the boats are all on land and often nowhere near water. To test drive anything, you would have to find someone with a similar boat or visit a boat dealer that is very close to water and provides test drives of the boats he/she sells.

​Boat Dealers on the Water

​Boat dealers on the water tend to place a single model of the most of the boats they sell in the water and tied to a dock owned by the dealership. You can test drive any of the boats that are already in the water, which is a very nice feature when it comes to visiting these particular boat dealers. If the dealer has an indoor sales floor, you might be able to check out the exteriors of some of the boats, but certainly not all of the boats because there just is not enough room.

Sometimes boat dealers sell the test drive boats in the water at a discount. It is akin to selling you the floor model of an appliance or car. Since the ones for sale in the water are at quite a discount, you might get a pretty good deal. Just be sure to ask the dealer to haul out the boat so you can get a good look at the bottom of the boat before you sign your name on the dotted line. You do not want to haul a test drive boat out of the water to take home with you only to find that there is something wrong with the underside of the boat.